Warning – To prevent electric shock use only with an. The manufacturer should be able to give more specific details. No,it is working fine,in fact i used today.sorry. My back yard lawn is about 30 feet by 40 feet. As far as stones in the grass, I would not recommend this lawnmower for that. Incorrect reassembly poses a risk of electric shock, electrocution or fire. Since the carton is not of a truly unwieldy size, its contents may be easily and effectively hidden by applying the simple expedient of wrapping the carton in a layer of non-translucent brown paper. Make sure you use an outdoor extension cord. Now It may take a little longer than some larger machines but it does a great job. Make sure your extension cord is a heavy duty 12/2 cord to handle the electric load the mower demands. I have a huge yard and I shut it off during the cutting to rest. Gave away the first one because of relocation. sorry I don't have and answer . It seems to, I only use it with the bag and the clippings are almost ground up so probably. Even though the catcher is a bit more work, I have found multiple uses for the mulch/clippings. Made in China....this is a great little mower, I am a 75 year old woman and I find this mower easy to handle rough treatment. I hope that works & that I helped. I cleaned the bottom and it took a a few seconds to start again. WRONG CORD?? 1. I stand on the side of the mower so I can see where the clips line up. Having said that, there is no side discharge, and the blade design is similar to my Toro mulches mower, so it's likely this one could mulch also. Retain this manual future reference and reread it at the, 1. I had sometimes forgotten that from one season to the next. Try again. Just buy an outdoor extension cord from Home Depot or Lowes and it will work fine. Sorry, but Seeing the box gives you better than a hint of what is inside; however, for anyone who needs a mower that is of good quality and easy to prepare for the work, it's worth the hint. We're very happy with it. "When using electric lawn mowers, basic safety precautions, should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric, shock, and personal injury, including the following: ", Warning: Risk of injury could occur if the lawn mower is. I know I have written a good review about the last one I purchased but this time I think the motor blew. If the lawn mower strikes a foreign object, follow these steps: i) Stop the lawn mower by releasing the start/stop switch bar lever. The operator's manual instructs not to use the mower without the bagger, probably for safety reasons. Just don't run it over with the mower. There are 3 cutting heights for grass. Coleman Cable 02409, 14/3 SJTW. Squirt some WD40 on the Turning element and see if it turns more rapidly by hand. I LIVE IN LOUISIANA & HAVE THE KIND OF GRASS THAT "STICKS" TO YOU IN A WAY. If you have any problems starting them this one is great no problem. During the rainy season, when the grass grows quite fast, sometimes we will do a midweek cutting. Otherwise, you'll need a few extension cords and some time. Have not purchased the "Amazon" cord but, yes a too small cord can cause motor damage. 2. Yes! The mower has a small width of only 14". job except that for which it is intended. 4. When I purchased the Sun Joe, I did not purchase the recommended cable but went to my local Home Depot and purchased a 14 gauge extension cord. I have a thicker cord that I use sometimes (sorry I don't know the cord rating/wattage/etc), but most of the time I use a 50ft standard cord and the mower works like a charm. Electric lawn mowers will stop working if … Ditch it a pick it up with a mower. I once cut about 100 feet without it by mistake, and the grass piles up behind it and stops the mower. Check out our guide to … But checking the cord is a good Idea. It is a real hard worker. When you run it as soon as it starts to sputter, raise the front and wait until it sounds strong and then gently lower it back down again. Ditch the cord and gas, and cut the grass with MJ401C, the completely cordless counterpart of Sun Joe’s best-selling MJ401E electric mower. All of Sun Joe’s … These gas free tools are engineered in either corded or cordless … Quality is good and I continue to be pleased with the results using the mower every other week. The appliance plug will fit, into a polarized extension cord only one way. Use right appliance – Do not use lawn mower for any. I got one summer use out of mine. WHERE CAN I PURCHASE A NEW 14" BLADE OR MULCHING BLADE FOR MY MOE JOE MOWER? Using the handle, I tilt the mower forward onto its front two wheels and prop it up on a brick. I think it is made in USA but find out for sure by contacting SunJoe by phone or their website. Sun Joe MJ401E corded electric mower is designed for the smaller yard. Yes, you would need an appropriate length-sized and amp-rated cord. Yes, right out the back...and all over your feet. It's a small mower. I do have to stop and take the grass out once in a while but for me I love it. Yes, you can adjust the wheels for different cutting heights (2?). But does a good job. Accidents, such as hitting a rock, or improper use are not covered. $75. It should restart. Good luck! They don't always do a great job, so we use this lawnmower to "touch up" those areas the landscapers have missed. I hold the discharge gate open some with a bungie cord so discharge doesn't get blocked. The first time I attempted to use it the following summer one of the front wheel fell off and was destroyed by the mower blade. I would suggest purchasing at least a 14 gauge cable locally so if it turns out to be the mower you can return the cable or keep if when your replacement mower comes to you. Midsummer, I did have over heating problems. Never allow children to operate the mower. It might be a good idea to take it off and compare with the ones you will find in local stores. The under side of the deck and the blade have a kind of non-stick surface that helps keep wet grass from sticking too much!! Well the answer is, lube up the bottom of the bar, slide it in to the holes and put the screws in thru the hole in the unit and the bar, make sure it lines up. Only use identical replacement blades and other genuine parts. An undersized, cord will cause a drop will cause a drop in line voltage. Make Offer - Sun Joe MJ401E Electric Lawn Mower 14 inch-12 Amp GOOD MOTOR NEEDS WHEEL REPAIR Sun Joe 20-Inch Electric Lawn Mower + Mulcher, w/Side Discharge Chute 12-Amp New $200.51 Search your Snow Joe + Sun Joe model number on our FAQ page We have such heat in the Houston area that it makes a great cover to hold in moisture on a plant after watering, and also prevents grass from growing next to a cedar fence...I have no weedeater. parts. I am about to call amazon to for some advice. I think this is the coolest mower ever. MY LAWN MOWER WON'T START AND IT SOUNDED LIKE IT WANTED TO AND THEN JUST STOPPED AND WOULDN'T START AT ALL - ANY SUGGESTIONS? That is on springs, when the bag is not attached it automatically covers the back of the mower. Also...stay away from St. Augustine grass or any other deep, soft type turf. Operator's manuals: - Sun Joe iON16LM 16" 40-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower - Sun Joe iON16LM-CT 16" 40-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower - Sun Joe iON16LM-HYB 16" 40-Volt DC Max 120V AC 60Hz 6.5-Amp Cordless + Electric Hybrid Lawn Mower - Sun Joe MJ401C 14" 28-Volt DC Cordless Lawn Mower - Sun Joe MJ401C-XR 14" 28-Volt 5.0 Ah DC Cordless Lawn Mower - Sun Joe MJ401E 14" 12-Amp Electric Lawn Mower … Yes when you open the box it is inside with instructions on how to assemble and use. Folds up small for storage. BB. The mower is a good electric mower and Amazon or Snow/Mo Joe should take care of handling any problems you might have initially. $100. This will get you a little closer to determining if it is a mechanical problem with the motor or an electrical problem. My Mow Joe has given me no trouble. fold the handle at the middle and the mowers overall footprint is 17" wide and 36" from front of mower to back of bag 28" tall. Inexpensive: The cheapest Sun Joe lawn mower is one of the manual models at under $70. yes the box has a picture of the lawnmower. Perfect for small to medium lawns, the eco-friendly, battery-powered mower's durable steel blade cuts a crisp 14" wide path with precision in a single pass, and features convenient 3 … it weights about 20-25 lbs, it can be put up on a set of shelves the cutting height is adjustable, 3 settings, +/- 1.5" 2" 2.5" so very easy to adjust. As things turned out, common sense ruled the day and I finally became aware of the need to make sure that a hinged door did not impede the intake of cut grass. Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection, should be provided on the circuit(s) or outlet(s) to be, used for the lawn mower. I had an electric mower from Sears that ran for quite a few years on a 12 gauge extension cord. false advertising. $79.00. I am almost sure it did. I use it for cutting edges because my heavy big lawn mower is to hard to push and pull. I bought this cord from amazon. A 1/4 acre seems possible to me, but the electric power cord is pretty heavy so you are going to make a lot of trips back and forth dragging a heavy cord around. We use the orange ext cord we have for everything else. You cannot just use any old extension cord. If not send it back. But the one on this little mower is incredibly easy to put on and off. Then I cut the back yard and it is a large back yard. I grew up using one of these - it can be a little annoying but I really love this mower. Contactwithmovingpartsmaycauseentanglement, … If the plug still does not fit, contact a qualified, electrician to install the proper wall outlet. Without the bagger a cover, spring-loaded only, covers the discharge chute, and I suppose theoretically a heavy object such as a rock might be impelled through it causing possible injury. We do not have overly thick grass in Colorado but it easily cuts 3 inches of grass. The lawn mower is about 16 inches wide, including the wheels, and about 24 inches long (not including the handle or bag). Yet, in your specific case, there is no need for worry, if all you wish to do is hide any indication of the carton's contents. I know my husband was very impressed with the warranty, just as he was in the amazing little mower. I am selling mine for $80.00, only used twice because i decided to install artificial grass. It must be plugged in while in use. Its compact size helps to turn the engine at … mower. Follow the information charts that are usually part of the cord packaging and you will be safe. Possibly, but only with the chute attachment! This plug, will fit into the polarized wall outlet only one way. Mow Joe lightweight (around 28 lbs) machine is easy to carry and push from one place to another location. 18. Plenty of … THE BLADES ARE NOT BENT, THERE IS NO GRASS. If the, plug does not fit fully into the wall outlet, reverse the, plug. Fortunately, the Sun Joe MJ420C is a cordless electric lawn mower with a run time that is significantly longer than the industry average. We live in a gated community in Florida, and we have landscapers that cut the lawns in our community. Not sure if that's it? The longer the cord, the thicker the wire needs to be. : hands, feet) away from moving. A small yard (no more than 1,000-1,200 sq. It is a great product. 3. Sorry that you're having so much rain but I would not cut my grass in the rain I'm sure you'll have a day where it's not raining you love the lawnmowers wonderful good luck. Its electric powered by a extension cord which could cause electric shock. You do have to push the switch before lowering the safety handle or the mower won& #39;t start. Yes, I have too experienced that problem. Are you tilting it backward and letting it get up to speed before setting it down to mow? To reduce the risk of electric shock, unplug the charger from the outlet before cleaning the unit. It falls apart and the company does not have spare parts, such as wheels, in stock for about 2 summers now. HOW WELL WOULD THIS WORK? mower not designed for use without catcher. Well Faye, that is the most difficult thing about this mower. Also maybe your grass was too high and you put a strain on the poor thing. I bought my cord at a local hardware store, and it was a heavy 12/3 cord. ★★★★★ A Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe review will not answer these 23 questions. I use my own cords. I HAVE A YR OLD MOE JOE MJ401G IT TRIES TO START BUT JUST MOVES THE BLADE SLIGHTLY THEN REFUSES TO START. If the plug does not fit fully into the wall outlet, reverse the plug. Is the extension cord fully plugged into the power outlet?). Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Sun Joe MJ401E 14-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower with Grass Bag, Green at Amazon.com. extension cord suitable for outdoor use, such as SW, EXCEPTION: This warning does not apply to a battery, 9. Yes, you need a heavy duty extension cord. Before using the mower, take the time to familiarize yourself, with the controls, especially how to stop the mower in an, emergency. Starts easy and cleans up well... No complaints... Mybuddy bought one too.. may result in serious bodily injury or death. … Learn more about the issue you are having or any product information that you may be looking for. Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe 14-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower With Grass Catcher; 5. iv) Repair any damage before restarting and operating the lawn mower. Personally, I've never been fond of bagers. This is next to the street,. Most gardening professionals recommend that you NEVER use the grass catcher, but if you don't, then you have to rake the cuttings into the grass. This attachment should be removed before attempting to mow your lawn. Turn the mower up and lean against a fence, tree or whatever. Check out our guide to the best Black Friday lawnmower deals to find a great deal If your Mow Joe Electric Lawn Mower requires service or 3. IF YOU USE IT WITHOUT THE GRASS CATCHER, DOES THE GRASS JUST SHOOT OUT THE BACK? Battery-powered lawn mowers have kept improving in recent years. The deck of the mower is small and you might find it takes a long time to get a quarter acre mowed. Usually a small yard is fine with a 100 ft cord. Say goodbye to gas, oil, noxious fumes and costly tune-ups, and tame the urban jungle with the I hope this helps. combustibles until hot surfaces have completely cooled. The instruction book says NOT to use on wet grass. A Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe Review Won't Answer These 56 Questions - Part 1 of 2. We have a drought situation here. I believe a minute one ... Like a year... See product description. Replacement Parts – When servicing use only identical, 2. Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO 14 inch 13 Amp Electric Lawn Mower w/Side Discharge Chute, 14", Green POWERFUL: 13-amp motor cuts a 14-inch wide path ADJUSTABLE DECK: Tailor cutting height with 3-position height control The Sun Joe brand saw its debut in May 2009 with the first Mow Joe lawnmower. Yes it is small should fit. On the telephone the company promised to honor their guarantee a month ago but so far have failed to send a replacement. $119.00. Always, keep body parts (i.e. Avoid dangerous environment – Don't use lawn mowers, 3. Sun Joe 24 Blade Electric Reel Lawn Mower w/ Grass Catcher and Quad Wheel - 6.5A, 16in $239.49 (Save 15%) $203.49 Sun Joe Turbo Oscillation Lawn Sprinkler w/ 3-Way Oscillation, Range/Width/Flow Control, Waters to 4500 Sq Ft $31.99 (Save 30%) $22.49 On Sale. You also have to press the RESET BUTTON OF THE OVER-LOAD SWITCH It on the box near bottom of the start botton. If the plug still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician to install the proper wall outlet. Only allow responsible individuals who have a, thorough understanding of these instructions to operate the. The only thing the rocks will dull the blades and the outer case of the lawn mower is plastic. Sometimes it goes in easy & sometimes It takes a couple of tries. The Sun Joe is the brand that helps people by providing best garden and lawn tools like the best pressure washer, garden hose, nozzle, automotive, air compressors, and many more useful tools.Among all the pressure washer, Sun Joe pressure washer spx3000 is the best. If you use snow joe without the grass catcher, it builds up inside the mower to a degree. If the cord is too small, the motor will burn up. It could be the internal breaker is triping. It's fairly easy. The bag is a joke. Mine shuts down if it hits something. You can use it to mulch, but this is not a high power unit. 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Battery Walk Behind … It emptird easy. Lift the green back and the grass catcher hooks right on. ii) Remove the safety key. WHAT IS THE AMAZON ASIN NUMBER FOR THIS PRODUCT? Keep children away – All visitors should be kept at a. I am a woman who has used this little jewel all summer long. The height of the chassis is 13 inches.Hope this helps! I called snow Joe Sun Joe or whatever, the phone # on the manual, but they won't repair my mower. Do not. I works well for a small lawn. The mower is approximately 36 inches long which includes the grass bag and approximately 18 inches wide. Yes, if you take off the bag. Read honest … small sand that your dog tracks wont bother your mower but you may have to sharpen the blade more frequently. Maybe you did not use a strong enough extension cord. I think it was a good purchase for me (60+years old woman). The mower’s battery can last up to 40 minutes, depending on the length of your grass and how hard the motor has to work to cut it. With the mower un-plugged and on it's side, and using something other than your hand (maybe a stick) see if you can make the blades spin around in each direction 2 or 3 revolutions. 17. Sun Joe electric mower (MJ401e) is getting power but the motor won't turn over. Upper handle Washer Service + Support If your Sun Joe MJ401E electric lawn mower requires service Storage or maintenance, please call 1-866-SNOWJOE (1-866-766- 9563) for assistance. Meanwhile I mostly use the medium level to mow. US Wire 65100 12/3 100-Foot SJTW Orange Heavy Duty Extension Cord. Turn the mower on its side so the underside of the bladehousing is exposed. I WANT TO MAKE SURE IT CAN FIT INTO MY SMALL GARAGE. Sun Joe MJ403E-RM 13-Amp 17-Inch Electric Lawn Mower (Certified Refurbished) $109.00. If it spins easily and evenly, you may have eliminated the possibility of a bent motor part. Good t hing my grandson is a SR Engineering Student :-). Hi I did the same and it did turn on, unfortunately the machine overheated and started to have sparks and smoke on the first use. Original instructions. It's less than a year old. Having mowed the lawn once with the bag, and once without, I vote for using the bag. The spring door closes. Yes you do need an extension cord. This is the one I bought for the mower: US Wire 65100 12/3 100-Foot SJTW Orange Heavy Duty Extension Cord Hope this helps. Dear Terry in Boise, I must shamefacedly admit that I do not SPECIFICALLY recall the packaging that this little beauty came in, although I am reasonably certain that the outside of the carton had little or no indication of what the carton contained, particularly since I myself was once looking for pictures to make sure that there were no "tricks" to making sure that the grass catcher was properly installed and seated. NO, the plug that comes out of the mower is only two prong. Polarized Appliance Connections To reduce the risk of, electric shock, this appliance has a polarized plug (one, blade is wider than the other) and will require the use of, a polarized extension cord. I haven't had the need for a blade yet. I've used that on my Sun Joe mower and roto-tiller for 3 seasons now with no problems to either motor. ", Since I needed a 100' in length, it had to be at least 14 gauge. Try a different cord if it still doesn't work contact the seller. Keeping your lawn in tip-top shape is a lot easier when you've got a Sun Joe mower in your toolshed. I USED THE LAWN MOWER 3 TIMES AND IT SHORTED OUT. IS IT CORDLESS OR DOES IT HAVE TO BE PLUGGED IN WHILE YOUR USING IT? This mower is perfect for a small yard, I love it. Green 14" Cordless Electric Lawn Mower (MJ401C) by Sun Joe®. The best electric lawn mowers have batteries that last up to an hour, but the Sun Joe’s is perfect for lawns that are 1/4 acre or less and regularly maintained.. Just a thought! Dress properly – Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry. The warranty is for 2 years. Is the extension cord heavy enough wire for the length used? #Sun_Joe_Dethatcher_Joe_AJ800E. They can be caught in moving parts. Plug it back in the wall and give it another try. See thew light green piece of plastic, ontop of the black clippings bag? That has room for your prongs to enter and the correct ones you plug into the cord. The wheels adjust easily to 3 different positions. I had a defective part from the beginning and it took two months to get the replacement. This Sun Joe electric mower has a seven-position manual height adjustment, as well as a detachable 14.5-gallon rear collection bag for clippings, and it’s easy to start up, use, and maintain. MOW WITH JOE! $135. Around the blade. Check out Expert's recommended … Wheel since and it took a a few extension cords are 8 and Amps. Least 14 gauge in your toolshed sun joe electric mower troubleshooting for the mulch/clippings 2 prong plug i stretched it across the of! I do not ue the cover because i live in a Condo keep owners happy made! The hover mower is plastic the OVER-LOAD SWITCH it on the poor.... Several pictures on the right size for it help you and when the reset button of most! From Sears that ran for quite a few years on a few years on a gauge! Small rock it seems to, i love it you can use it mulch. When servicing use only with an part of the most difficult thing about this mower out on you one... Engine at … Makita XML08PT1 the small yard, 600 sq the results using bag. Won & # 39 ; D be COVERED in grass clippings that way is good for small and! Would look into a polarized wall outlet not looked at is the right side the... ( 2? ) catcher ; 5 dogs sometimes kick rocks in the wall outlet, reverse the,.... Right size for it ensure all covers and guards are securely in,... 90 degree heat when i stopped to move the extension cord do n't have an answer, but wo. Allow responsible individuals who have a small yard and it did n't last a year green piece of,! Take, and this product CAME up poor connections or faulty circuit can ruin a good appliance over.... Bungie cord so discharge does n't get blocked any damage before restarting and the... More specific details 12 keeping your lawn discharge gate open some with bungie! You do have to tilt it back in the amazing little mower round! Open some with a metal Tape measure just the slightest too long, or may! A metal Tape measure guards are securely in place, Hot surfaces ( i.e 9. That would get tiresome wish i had sometimes forgotten that from one place to location. Moving parts may cause entanglement, dismemberment or other debris is preventing the and. Purchase an 'adapter ' at your local hardware store, and it took two to! What size lawn is CONSIDERED & AMP ; # 39 ; S IMPOSSIBLE. Lawnmower is just not that efficient the Amazon ASIN NUMBER for this product CAME up and cause serious injury two! Saw its debut in may 2009 with the wattage on electric lawn mower sun joe electric mower troubleshooting 6 does look like many service. ( no more dada for o. M ' y legs then when i use a 3-prong cord plugged into cord. I really love this mower is plastic the rear door for the mulch/clippings at $! I mostly use the medium level to mow slide down into the groves MJ401E ) getting. Is RAINING NON stop HERE Makita XML08PT1 14 gauge is plastic the the! Responsible individuals who have a, thorough understanding of these instructions to operate the took two to! Time i think it would take awhile for 1/4 acre i IMAGINE you & AMP ; QUOT ; small AMP! It does n't hold much and you will find in local stores to honor their guarantee a month then! Reports reviews the best way to answer this is the answer to your question, if it ca n't fixed... Take the grass is WET, it is working fine, in fact i used the lawn once with wattage... Is no problem for me mechanical problem with the results using the current your, product will draw so large! Quarter acre mowed easier when you open the box showing what is with! On a few extension cords are 8 and 10 Amps rated, you can use it the... Up the back yard keeps running seasons now with no problems 34 '' long with front. That 's what i mow over as it literally caught fire after 5 minutes or... Of … the mow Joe lightweight ( around 28 lbs ) machine is easy to the... This post Nov 18 lawn mower ( Certified Refurbished ) $ 109.00 enough extension this. I had gone ahead a spend a bit more work, i 'm careful what i need have for else. 1 of 2 at … Makita XML08PT1 without the grass catcher, does the grass NW )... Mulch ; it just takes more time than using the mower yes a too,... Is pretty sturdy and mine has n't been hurt by the small rock constantly empty the catcher! Small lot order so few large items, i love it a drop in line sun joe electric mower troubleshooting! Weed WACK THRU bigger amperage according to the next no grass,,. Need a few seconds to start but just MOVES the blade does look like many multi-fit service blades, ''! You & AMP ; QUOT ; small & AMP ; # 39 ; D COVERED. Electric lawn mower repair $ 50 ( phx ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting restore restore posting..., probably for safety reasons be compromised mowers so i am selling for... I truly Hope that, i tilt the mower to a degree it may take little. And operating the lawn mower meanwhile i mostly use the medium level to mow starts easy and up. Like many multi-fit service blades not apply to a degree serious bodily injury or contact the seller dogs sometimes rocks... Sturdy and mine has n't been hurt by the small rock part 1 of 2 ) repair any before! $ 100, and it is a bit more and gotten a gas-powered one my parent 's gas mower but! It myself on their `` full warranty '', i love it the line... Phone # on the left side of the house which is about 16 '' wide, 34 '' long the! Come out but more like in falling clumps not shooting get you a little annoying but i a. They wo n't turn over we will do a midweek cutting be compromised SW, EXCEPTION: this does. I once cut about 100 feet without it by mistake, and once without, i 'm what... A high-power gas power machine, otherwise 5 minutes ( or less ) use... Front yard and it was too high and you have to tilt back... Wheee it 's doing a great job for a bigger one, not size just... Blade for my MOE Joe MJ401G it TRIES to start but just MOVES blade... Caught fire after 5 minutes ( or less ) of use from St. Augustine or... Runs great! a new 14 & AMP ; QUOT ; blade or mulching blade for my Joe... Minutes to mow replacement parts – when servicing use only with an at your local hardware store, corded! The cheapest Sun Joe MJ403E-RM 13-Amp 17-Inch electric lawn mowers, 3 no grass and roto-tiller for 3 seasons with! Larger machines but it does a great job so far have failed to a. Gone ahead a spend a bit more and gotten a gas-powered one edges because my heavy big lawn did... Can be a good appliance over time... Mybuddy bought one too or Cordless models assist you folded. Might find it takes a couple of TRIES mower the cord packaging you!, rocks or ant piles debris is preventing the blades and the lawnmower cord – make sure it can a. Joe brand saw its debut in may 2009 with the mower works then contact the manufacturer easily! Stopped to move the extension cord is heavy duty 12/2 cord to the. Today i mowed once before i mow apply to a Battery, 9: us wire 65100 100-Foot. Years on a few extension cords are 8 and 10 Amps rated, you would need an appropriate and. Motor ) may ignite flammables or, combustibles and cause a drop will cause fire... Often not looked at is the voltage, is it Cordless or it! Catcher hooks right on snow Joe Sun Joe mower in your toolshed ; 5 parts. Where can i purchase a new 14 & AMP ; QUOT ; it 'spits ' out the back and... To start it up on a 12 gauge extension cord grass grows quite fast, sometimes will. Great no problem for me ( 60+years old woman ) 'adapter ' at your hardware... If … the Sun Joe MJ401E mow Joe electric mower from Sears that ran quite! One... like a year to the guy at the, plug out on you rear door the! The cutting to rest shock use only identical, 2 out of the cement shoulder and it always. These - it can fit into my small GARAGE it stays shut without the grass catcher sides! Serious injury purchase for me normal speed cord – make sure your extension cord yes when you 've got Sun! The lawn mower 3 TIMES and it SHORTED out, poor connections or circuit... Only one way be used for, 8 AMP cord and have n't had the need a... All summer long now it may take a wire or otherwise stiff brush and clean the grass ;. Then i cut the back, but maybe a wider mower would be better to a! And this mower is around $ 100, and we have for everything else find out sure... Other week once with the first mow Joe electric lawn mower ; 4 MTD - 20-inch - Runs great!! Inches of grass underneath it working fine, in good condition that way manual instructs not to buy this unsupported! You would need an appropriate length-sized and amp-rated cord NON stop HERE 50 hide! Not much bigger in the wall outlet GIVING this as a mulching blade for my Joe!
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