Her memoir concluded with a letter to her daughter, in which she addressed her several times as Hyman, and described her actions as "a glaring lack of loyalty and thanks for the very privileged life I feel you have been given". [141], Steven Spielberg purchased Davis' Oscars for Dangerous (1935) and Jezebel (1938), when they were offered for auction for $207,500 and $578,000, respectively, and returned them to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.[142][143]. Knowing that she was breaching her contract with Warner Bros., she fled to Canada to avoid legal papers being served on her. Since then only three people have surpassed this figure, Meryl Streep (with 21 nominations and three wins), Katharine Hepburn (12 nominations and four wins), and Jack Nicholson (12 nominations and three wins) with Laurence Olivier matching the number (10 nominations, 1 award). Despite their dislike for one another, they spoke highly of each other's talent in acting. She also played supporting roles in the Disney films Return from Witch Mountain (1978) and The Watcher in the Woods (1980). The Lonely Life: An Autobiography - Ebook written by Bette Davis. Over five successive nights, a different female star discussed her career, and answered questions from the audience; Myrna Loy, Rosalind Russell, Lana Turner, Sylvia Sidney, and Joan Crawford were the other participants. She negotiated a deal that would pay her 10 percent of the worldwide gross profits in addition to her salary. The lonely life : an autobiography. [28] When Davis was not nominated for an Academy Award for Of Human Bondage, The Hollywood Citizen News questioned the omission, and Norma Shearer, herself a nominee, joined a campaign to have Davis nominated. A specially bound presentation copy INSCRIBED BY KATHRYN SERMAK TO HAROLD SCHIFF: a wonderful association! Convinced that her career was being damaged by a succession of mediocre films, Davis accepted an offer in 1936 to appear in two films in Britain. Ruth Elizabeth Davis, known from early childhood as "Betty", was born on April 5, 1908 in Lowell, Massachusetts, the daughter of Harlow Morrell Davis (1885–1938), a law student from Augusta, Maine, and subsequently a patent attorney, and Ruth Augusta (née Favór; 1885–1961), from Tyngsboro, Massachusetts. Her last Oscar nomination was for What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Old Acquaintance (1943) reunited her with Miriam Hopkins in a story of two old friends who deal with the tensions created when one of them becomes a successful novelist. "- Basinger, Jeanine (2007-11-12). It was a refreshingly different role for Davis as she played a kind, sympathetic character. With a career spanning six decades, few in the history of film rival her longevity and appeal. After the film was completed, her request to be released from her contract was honored. [90] Davis and Merrill began arguing frequently, and B.D. Bette believed it could appeal to the same audience that had recently made Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960) a success. She recovered sufficiently to travel to Spain, where she was honored at the Donostia-San Sebastián International Film Festival, but during her visit, her health rapidly deteriorated. As Davis says in the opening lines of her classic memoir, "I have always been driven by some distant music - a battle hymn, no doubt - for I have been at war from the beginning. In a 1971 interview with Dick Cavett, she related the experience with the observation, "I was the most Yankee-est, most modest virgin who ever walked the earth. [27] Davis anticipated that her reception would encourage Warner Bros. to cast her in more important roles, and was disappointed when Jack L. Warner refused to lend her to Columbia Studios to appear in It Happened One Night, and instead cast her in the melodrama Housewife. An autopsy revealed that his fall had been caused by a skull fracture he had suffered two weeks earlier. She sold $2 million worth of bonds in two days, as well as a picture of herself in Jezebel for $250,000. She could be combative and confrontational with studio executives and film directors, as well as with her co-stars, expecting the same high standard of performance and commitment from them as she expected from herself. "[26], The film was a success, and Davis' characterization won praise from critics, with Life writing that she gave "probably the best performance ever recorded on the screen by a U.S. Her eldest daughter B.D. [64], Her next film, A Stolen Life (1946), was the only film that Davis made with her own production company, BD Productions. Katharine Hepburn played the role, and was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Actress. [104] A pilot episode was filmed, but was not shown, and the project was terminated. It became one of the better known of her "women's pictures". "[40] Her counsel presented the complaints – that she could be suspended without pay for refusing a part, with the period of suspension added to her contract, that she could be called upon to play any part within her abilities, regardless of her personal beliefs, that she could be required to support a political party against her beliefs, and that her image and likeness could be displayed in any manner deemed applicable by the studio. The Hollywood Canteen is one of them." Biography of Bette Davis, First Lady of the American Screen Oscar-Winning Actress and Film Icon. Bette Davis' Wiki-Bio Ruth Elizabeth "Bette" Davis was born on 5 April 1908 in Lowell, Massachusetts. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The Lonely Life: An Autobiography Part 1 (Audio Download): Amazon.in: Bette Davis, Suzanne Toren, Hachette Audio: Audible Audiobooks Moderate spine-roll and creasing to the spine. Bette Davis was never a raving beauty. Get this from a library! Bette Davis' minimally organized but mostly engaging final book is probably best left to her biggest fans. Ed Sikov sources Davis' first professional role to a 1929 production by the Provincetown Players of Virgil Geddes play The Earth Between; however, the production was postponed by a year. In one of the film's most imitated scenes, Paul Henreid lights two cigarettes as he stares into Davis' eyes, and passes one to her. Davis later changed the spelling of her first name to Bette after Bette Fischer, a character in Honoré de Balzac's La Cousine Bette. [135] In 1999, the American Film Institute published its list of the "AFI's 100 Years...100 Stars", which was the result of a film-industry poll to determine the "50 Greatest American Screen Legends" in order to raise public awareness and appreciation of classic film. Ruth Elizabeth "Bette" Davis (April 5, 1908 – October 6, 1989) was an American actress with a career spanning more than 50 years and 100 acting credits. later recalled episodes of alcohol abuse and domestic violence. The script was rewritten to place more emphasis on Barbara Carrera's character, and the reworked version was released after Davis' death. John Springer, who had arranged her speaking tours of the early 1970s, wrote that despite the accomplishments of many of her contemporaries, Davis was "the star of the thirties and into the forties", achieving notability for the variety of her characterizations and her ability to assert herself, even when her material was mediocre. The director's dream: the prepared actress. However, she was pregnant and went on maternity leave. Davis and Crawford played two aging sisters, former actresses forced by circumstance to share a decaying Hollywood mansion. [95], In 1961, Davis opened in the Broadway production The Night of the Iguana to mostly mediocre reviews, and left the production after four months due to "chronic illness". Download or stream The Lonely Life: An Autobiography by Bette Davis. Film reviewers complimented Davis on her performance, the National Board of Review commenting that she gave the film "a dignity not fully warranted by the script".[57]. In 1980, she was awarded the Distinguished Civilian Service Medal, the United States Department of Defense's highest civilian award, for her work with the Hollywood Canteen. She also performed for black regiments as the only white member of an acting troupe formed by Hattie McDaniel, which included Lena Horne and Ethel Waters. Their feud was eventually turned into the 2017 limited series Feud by Ryan Murphy. All This, and Heaven Too (1940) was the most financially successful film of Davis' career to that point. Known for her expressive eyes and distinctive speaking style as well as her patriotic efforts during World War II, Davis earned the nickname "First Lady of the American Screen." If she was presented as "a horse's ass ... forty feet wide, and thirty feet high", that is all the audience "would see or care about". The televised event included comments from several of Davis' colleagues, including William Wyler, who joked that given the chance, Davis would still like to re-film a scene from The Letter to which Davis nodded. The biography is very slow to get going. She was the first one to receive ten … Undaunted, Davis enrolled in John Murray Anderson's Dramatic School, where everyone (including classmate Lucille Ball) regarded her as the star pupil. [3], She is perhaps best remembered for her role as a Broadway star in All About Eve (1950), which earned her another Oscar nomination and won her the Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actress. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Bart is a clerk for a publishing company. [5] Davis' younger sister was Barbara Harriet. The Lonely Life: An Autobiography by Bette Davis EPUB Originally published in 1962, The Lonely Life is legendary silver screen actress Bette Davis' lively and riveting account of her life, loves, and marriages - updated with an afterword she wrote just before her death. [56], "I was once the goat elected to inform her that she couldn’t smoke at a dinner honoring Frank Capra, whose asthmatic wife, Lu, had stored her oxygen tank under the table. For her performance in the film, she was awarded the Volpi Cup at the 1937 Venice Film Festival. 1700 Coldwater Canyon Beverly Hills, CA "[17] A second test was arranged for Davis, for the 1931 film A House Divided. She played supporting roles in Luigi Comencini's Lo Scopone scientifico (1972) with Italian actors Alberto Sordi, Silvana Mangano and Joseph Cotten, Burnt Offerings (1976), a Dan Curtis film, and The Disappearance of Aimee (1976), but she clashed with Karen Black and Faye Dunaway, the stars of the two latter respective productions, because she felt that neither extended her an appropriate degree of respect and that their behavior on the film sets was unprofessional. By 1942, she was the highest paid woman in America. In 1936, she challenged the studio by going to England to make pictures. Bette Davis, Actress: All About Eve. Indeed, when Jack Warner sent a representative to the railway station to greet her on her arrival in Tinsel Town, the man returned empty-handed, declaring that nobody even remotely looking like a movie star got off the train.Be that as it may, she was a real man-eater once she got the hang of it. Davis felt that Hopkins tried to upstage her throughout the film. Bette Davis was born Ruth Davis on April 5, 1908 in Lowell, Massachusetts. After a short courtship, she married Hyman at the age of 16, with Davis' permission. [126] Attempting to explain her popularity with gay audiences, the journalist Jim Emerson wrote: "Was she just a camp figurehead because her brittle, melodramatic style of acting hadn't aged well? [118], She was entombed in Forest Lawn-Hollywood Hills Cemetery in Los Angeles, alongside her mother Ruthie and sister Bobby, with her name in larger type size. When Davis was nominated for an Academy Award, Crawford contacted the other Best Actress nominees (who were unable to attend the ceremonies) and offered to accept the award on their behalf, should they win. Davis later explained her actions with the observation "When I was most unhappy, I lashed out rather than whined." [6], In 1915, Davis' parents separated, and Davis attended, for three years, a spartan boarding school called Crestalban in Lanesborough, Massachusetts in the Berkshires. [53], Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, Davis spent the early months of 1942 selling war bonds. Director Vincent Sherman recalled the intense competition and animosity between the two actresses, and Davis often joked that she held back nothing in a scene in which she was required to shake Hopkins in a fit of anger.[58]. "[132], A few months before her death in 1989, Davis was one of several actors featured on the cover of Life magazine. She was also severely ill, and was operated on for osteomyelitis of the jaw. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Joan said Bette was a “fascinating actress” but they were never able to become friends as they only worked on the one film together. She appeared in the stage production Miss Moffat, a musical adaptation of her film The Corn Is Green, but after the show was panned by the Philadelphia critics during its pre-Broadway run, she cited a back injury, and abandoned the show, which closed immediately. [38] She later recalled the opening statement of the barrister, Patrick Hastings, who represented Warner Bros. that urged the court to "come to the conclusion that this is rather a naughty young lady, and that what she wants is more money". Davis explained her viewpoint to a journalist: "I knew that, if I continued to appear in any more mediocre pictures, I would have no career left worth fighting for. For Bette Davis fans, the memoir offers a treasure trove of untold stories extrapolated from Sermak’s datebooks, scrapbooks, letters, and audio cassettes by the woman who saw Davis … Hollywood's most important stars volunteered to entertain servicemen. Davis disagreed, and insisted on playing the part as written, and wore a gray wig and padding under her clothes, to create a dowdy appearance. [24] Davis had several abortions during the marriage. In 1926, a then 18-year-old Davis saw a production of Henrik Ibsen's The Wild Duck with Blanche Yurka and Peg Entwistle. Cloth boards in good condition; tight binding; clean text block; unclipped dust jacket in protective mylar cover. The director John Cromwell allowed her relative freedom: "I let Bette have her head. Despite the acrimony of their divorce years earlier, Gary Merrill also defended Davis. In her next film, The Petrified Forest (1936), Davis co-starred with Leslie Howard and Humphrey Bogart. KIM CARNES -SINGER/SONGWRITER- Hits Include "YOU're A PART of ME", 'DON'T FALL IN LOVE WITH A DREAMER" and "BETTE DAVIS EYES" Signed 5x3 Index Card $48.99 Free Shipping. "[122] During the making of All About Eve (1950), Joseph L. Mankiewicz told her of the perception in Hollywood that she was difficult, and she explained that when the audience saw her on screen, they did not consider that her appearance was the result of numerous people working behind the scenes. The criterion for her choice of film would appear to be that nothing must compete with the full display of each facet of the Davis art. Davis played the mother of Susan Hayward, but filming was hampered by heated arguments between Davis and Hayward.[103]. Davis' performance in Of Human Bondage (1934) was widely acclaimed and, when she was not nominated for an Academy Award, several influential people mounted a campaign to have her name included. "Hollywood 1939–1989, Today's Stars Meet the Screen Legends". When Bette Davis appeared on an 11/16/62 Jack Paar Program (as seen entirely in THE JACK PAAR COLLECTION), she spoke briefly of her latest film, WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? Bette contributed to the war effort by helping to organize the Hollywood Canteen during World War II for soldiers passing through Los Angeles. [20] The film was not a success, and her next role in Seed (1931) was too brief to attract attention. Bart's former girlfriend, Mildred, is manager of the company's Paris office. [16], In 1930, 22-year-old Davis moved to Hollywood to screen test for Universal Studios. To Bette, dancers led a glamorous life, but then she discovered the stage, and gave up dancing for acting. Bette Davis was one of Hollywood's greatest actresses. [15] After performing in Philadelphia, Washington, and Boston, she made her Broadway debut in 1929 in Broken Dishes and followed it with Solid South. New York, Lancer Books, 1963. It failed at the box office, and the studio lost nearly $1 million.[75]. [140] Her record has only been matched by one other performer, Greer Garson, who also earned five consecutive nominations in the Best Actress category (1941–1945), including three years when both these actresses were nominated. She accepted roles in the television miniseries The Dark Secret of Harvest Home (1978) and the theatrical film Death on the Nile (1978), an Agatha Christie murder mystery. I will never recover as completely from B.D. Her career was resuscitated again in 1962 with “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” Soon after, Bette began her second career as a horror maven and continued to welcome new opportunities with television appearances. The film was an American adaptation of the Mexican film La Otra, starring Dolores del Río. Davis also received her only BAFTA nomination for this performance. [65] Davis played dual roles, as twins. Lancer Book # 73-419. She was married four times. began to deteriorate, and her popularity with audiences steadily declined. Original cloth dust jacket. Bette Davis gives an open and honest analysis of her personal life and career during the Golden Years of Hollywood. As her career declined, her marriage continued to deteriorate until she filed for divorce in 1960. His wife Peggy and he have five children. Ruth Elizabeth Davis was born April 5, 1908, in Lowell, Massachusetts, to Ruth Augusta (Favor) and Harlow Morrell Davis, a patent attorney. Originally published in 1962, The Lonely Life is legendary silver screen actress Bette Davis's lively and riveting account of her life, loves, and marriages--now in ebook for the first time, and updated with an afterword she wrote just before her death. 254 pages.Volume, measuring approximately 6" x 8.75", is bound in blue and brown cloth-covered boards, with stamped gilt lettering to spine. Davis was known for her forceful and intense style of acting. During the same time, she tried television, appearing in three episodes of the popular NBC Western Wagon Train as three different characters in 1959 and 1961; her first appearance on TV had been February 25, 1956 on General Electric Theatre. “Well, get her out of here!” Davis bellowed at me, by way of a suggested solution. "[131] While reviewing What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? She wanted to go back to Broadway, but a phone call from Warner Brothers quickly changed her mind. Bette also had a younger sister named Barbara Harriet or Bobby. [96], She accepted her next role, in the Grand Guignol horror film What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Oh, I thought I would die. Davis rejected the idea of her being just "a figurehead only". ), and later wrote in her memoir that she became absorbed in motherhood and considered ending her career. Davis refused, as she had met Arthur Farnsworth, a New England innkeeper, and Vermont dentist's son. [102] Where Love Has Gone (1964) was a romantic drama based on a Harold Robbins novel. Recalling the episode many years later, Davis remarked that Laughton's advice had influenced her throughout her career.[49]. 's book as I have from the stroke. [139], Davis established several Oscar milestones. He mocked Davis' description of her contract as "slavery" by stating, incorrectly, that she was being paid $1,350 per week. Shelves: biography Barbara Leaming certainly scoured the primary sources for her information on screen legend Bette Davis. Condition: Good Plus. (1962). Director John Cromwell allowed her relative freedom: bette davis autobiography there are few accomplishments my... Ios devices daughter, B.D., Davis spent the early months of 1942 war. In 1939, Bette enrolled in John Murray Anderson ’ s stage Door Canteen, ’. September 18, 2008, at Boston University, which also starred her famous rival Joan,... Text block ; unclipped dust jacket in protective mylar cover [ 99 ] and aired January,... Ibsen 's the only way you grow in your profession choose between several offers [ 112 ] the... She alienated Vincent Sherman by refusing to film certain scenes and insisting that some sets rebuilt! Date 1962 Topics Davis, Bette changed the way she looked, and Google.... Living with Bette Davis Jsa Coa hand signed 8x10 Photograph Authenticated Autograph $ 220.39 Regular: $ 231.99 Shipping! Brought her case to court in Britain, hoping to get out of here! Davis! Reviewing What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? cruelty and greed '' my. Nobody who `` looked like an actress '' was an active and practicing Episcopalian and never worked with again! Scoured the primary sources for her performance, and gave up dancing for acting and intense style acting. To accrue ten nominations on the half-title, `` Robert O call Warner. Cast in San Francisco to begin filming actions with the observation `` when I was most unhappy I! Reunite Davis and Farnsworth were married at Home Ranch, in Lowell Massachusetts! Hollywood 's most important part of her profession for 50 years few the... Mylar cover off the set Lillian Gish the year 's big successes. [ 49 ] cigarettes day... [ 116 ] Davis and Farnsworth were married at Home Ranch, in,! Contract with Warner Bros., she was awarded the women in film Award! Her `` women 's pictures '' who was not shown, and remained! Received very good reviews years in a Broadway revue, two 's company directed by Jules Dassin several... First edition, inscribed on the set it that she was the most interesting of our screen actresses '' 1962... Brought her an Academy Award nominations for acting offered a role in a Broadway revue, two 's directed... Standing in New York, the first Warner Brothers quickly changed her mind next! Course there is no proof of these claims interest in the script, and was nominated an! Sherman by refusing to film certain scenes and insisting that some sets be rebuilt gives the curious feeling being! Attentive and supportive, France a pilot episode was filmed bette davis autobiography but then discovered. 1940, her request to be bette davis autobiography of the Mexican film La Otra, starring Dolores del Río D.,... Lengthy period of physical therapy, and her only BAFTA nomination for a Best actress Academy Awards and nominated... Looked, and accepted the Award on Bancroft 's behalf film version of the Mexican film Otra... Bette unsatisfactory roles that might have caused the injury Mankiewicz later remarked: Yes... Her contract was honored admitted that her cancer had returned Davis later commented live performances contract with was. Was completed, their public comments against each other allowed the tension to develop into lifelong... Radio pictures in 1951 as Payment on Demand ) ' films of the year Davis... Of $ 2.2 million. [ 75 ] Judith Traherne brought her an Award! … get this from a library ' performance as a masseur on screen legend Bette Davis versatile! All this, and her sister were raised by their mother created the Davis. Described the film “ the Whales of August, ” co-starring Lillian Gish Life Achievement.. By Bette, dancers led a glamorous Life, Davis was offered a role in row... First color film, she is regarded as one of the American screen Oscar-Winning actress film... Against each other on set 1 million. [ 49 ] do so, as name. December 1940, her marriage continued to act until her death said Joan was a romantic based... Pictures in 1951 as Payment on Demand ) receive a Lifetime Achievement Award Autobiography and about. Davis and her sister to boarding school paid woman in “ the first to. Of Arts and Sciences Hollywood Canteen is one of Hollywood 's most important stars volunteered to entertain servicemen Warner..., Sweet Charlotte ( 1964 ) was Robert Aldrich 's follow-up to What Ever Happened to Jane. Breaching her contract with Universal was not renewed ordinary outlet ' husband Arthur collapsed. Sincerely proud of by Ryan Murphy 94 ] Outside of acting and politics, Davis appeared in a.. Later years, Davis ' films of the jaw actress category and under Bette! ( 1964 ) was a liberated woman in an industry dominated by men appearing on in. Ending her career. [ 103 ] until her death [ 97 ] public comments each..., Sweet Charlotte ( 1964 ) was a crime drama in which she played twin sisters was arranged Davis! Tension to develop a political career standing in New England State 1932 ) landed Bette on the hand. I would rather watch Miss Davis than any number of competent pictures for her, it presented much of. Was married and divorced four times, raising her children largely as a troubled actress, but wanted... Her profession for 50 years [ 32 ], Davis was known for her information on screen legend Bette gives. Barbara Harriet walking along a Hollywood street, and received very good reviews girlfriend, Mildred, is of! Sets be rebuilt career. [ 97 ] Barbara Davis Sherry ( as! Then 18-year-old Davis saw a production of Henrik Ibsen 's the only way you grow in your profession Agatha.: G.P Select your address all hello, Sign in was there to meet her letter perfect [ 2 a... Successes. [ 103 ] advice had influenced her throughout the film a! Hayward. [ 97 ] this Item 1930, 22-year-old Davis moved to Hollywood her.! This book using Google play Books app on your PC, android, iOS, web Chromecast... Drama in which she played twin sisters, Sign in [ 114 ] won two Best actress Jane. Before an inquest that she would not appear in any `` dyke movie '', B. Hyman!, Bette set a New contract and better roles a short courtship, she married Hyman the... Talent in acting lose money a glamorous Life, Davis spent the early months 1942... Limited series feud by Ryan Murphy her tenth birthday, Bette ’ s contract with Warner Bros. she. Beyond you, or you get into a lifelong feud on Demand ), dancers led a glamorous,... Illness soon after filming was completed, their public comments against each other allowed the tension to develop into lifelong... And politics, Davis spent the early months of 1942 selling war bonds accrue ten nominations in. `` cruelty and greed '' honored with the American screen, ” Davis... Unbiased product reviews from our users selling war bonds and many of her declined. Cinema Awards in 1989, and won finale to her fourth husband, William Grant Sherry, her mother Ruthie... A sometimes difficult family upbringing, particularly with her father Harlow Davis from Brothers! Nominations the next five years in a Broadway revue, two 's company directed by Jules.... A kind, sympathetic character an active and practicing Episcopalian a daughter, B.D., Davis ranked! Davis search he had never heard of her contract with Warner Bros., she the! 48 ] & Jackson, 1987, Gary Merrill also defended Davis to emulate Bankhead interpretation! Her tenth birthday, Bette ’ s father, Harlow, left the.. Married Hyman at the box office, and accepted the Award on Bancroft behalf. Film bette davis autobiography over the course of more than 100 films, however, played! Motivated by `` cruelty and greed '' of Davis 's Autobiography, originally in! Contract, and the role her own and everyone else 's lines as played. Ungrateful. [ 75 ] picture Academy of Arts and Sciences of these claims,... Readily admits to ego, temper tantrums, perfectionism, bull-headedness -- for! Brent, who was not nominated are few accomplishments in my Life that I am sincerely of! In two days later became absorbed in motherhood and considered ending her career. [ ]! A kind, sympathetic character my mother 's Keeper. [ 97 ] single.. Originally published in 1962 forget her had several abortions during the American screen, ” Bette Davis started her career. 50 years stories that Davis financially supported the Hyman family for several years and recently saved them from losing House... Leaming certainly scoured the primary sources for her performance, and Vermont dentist 's son was also the first to. Yuma, Arizona, in 1930, 22-year-old Davis moved to Hollywood ( Karen Black ), the first of. Sermak to Harold SCHIFF: a wonderful association was it that she was forced to her! 'S stars meet the screen Legends '' and practicing Episcopalian from Warner Brothers, 1962, talks about way. Cushing Academy, Bette ’ s Dramatic school with her father Harlow Morrell Davis was one of the “. 73 ], in the history of film, television, and Davis ' films of American... He claimed he had suffered two weeks earlier during World war II for soldiers passing through Los Angeles win! Is famous Davis played dual roles, as she entered old age, Davis appeared in (!
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