It isn’t hard, but be honest about your skills. I still can’t find that Tony Iommi or Buck Dharma sound I’ve been craving. Short comparation of these humbuckers using a Cort M600 and a Harley Benton SC Custom. That's why we stand behind Seymour Duncan's TB-14 Custom 5 Trembucker pickup. They are here to help. This true … Also, try to get a sound you like without the Digitech first, and then add it later. In addition, I’ve been up close and center stage for many of the 60 or so BOC shows I’ve been to and I’m sure I’d be better off waiting to learn many of Bucks’ tunes as it is. All rights reserved. Magnets are cheaper than pickups, and after reading Stephen Smith’s great article about magnet swapping, you can be a pro in no time.*. Here, an Alnico II magnet is used. So, thanks very much Dave. Great for adding fullness and warmth to any humbucker equipped instrument. This is a great combo for an HSS Strat, and this combination gives me a pretty awesome ‘notch’ sound. I’d thought about getting a Iommi pick up but, as I’m doing here, I had done my due diligence in research. Originally called the Custom Custom Custom this pickup began life in our custom shop from players requesting a brighter, alnico 5 version of the Custom Custom … There’s just too many options for a new guy who isn’t familiar enough with everything that’s out there, but I also don’t want to mortgage my retirement over something I may never quite master. chart gives you a general idea as to the bass, mids and treble of each pickup position. Or should I just do some one stop shopping here. Custom Custom Bridge with a Sentient Neck. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last. I still suck profoundly at 51, but I’m trying. Compare It splits well too, and the split sound matches well with single coils in the neck & middle. Up for sale is an Seymour Duncan Custom … I can’t post a pic for now, made the mistake of loaning our camera to an adult child, I should have known I’d never see it again. I’ve got a long way to go when it comes to using my pinky in anything but a supporting role. As easy as he makes it look, he’s profoundly talented, though shockingly underrated (at least in some circles). Santa Barbara, California. Beefed up Patent Applied For tone for a hard-driving, kickin' sound with the right balance of … The Custom Custom humbucker delivers that familiar alnico 2 warmth, along with the rich midrange harmonics of a hotter pickup. Santa Barbara, California. Got a great deal on a multi effect DigiTech RP90 and free DG15 amp. It is a great pickup if a Custom is too powerful or bright, yet a Custom Custom is too mid-heavy or squishy in the bass. Program your own sounds, and start with effects only. Interesting and excellent tips. Then go from there. Dimensions specs: 6-String, Uncovered Humbucker, Dimensions specs: 6-String, Covered Humbucker, Dimensions specs: 6-String, Uncovered Trembucker, The E.Q. It seems that the consensus is the pick ups, and his signature guitar for that matter, seems to have been a money grab and very few people have high opinions of either the pups or the guitar. I think of it like this: The Custom Custom is like a bowl of clam chowder: rich, and creamy. The Clips My clips below are recorded with a Custom Five in a Warmoth Strat guitar with a swamp ash/maple body and a wenge/ebony neck. My favorite true single coil, I have it reverse/wind/reverse polarity when combined with the slug coil of the Custom Five. It is available in stock form with 4 conductor wiring, in black, with logo. For Buck Dharma, I’d go with something less powerful, like a Custom or 59/Custom Hybrid. S. Duncan Duncan Custom Trembucker Black. The Pearly Gates may just be the most versatile pickup on this list. If you like the guitar, then changing the pickup is the next step. Up for sale is an Seymour Duncan Custom SH5 humbucker for the bridge. He plays very lightly as well. This is the Trembucker (F-spaced) version of the Custom 5 humbucker. Which pup works best for a 1 pick up guitar and the sound I’m shooting for? The Custom family provides three distinct but related humbuckers that are handcrafted in California. Our team of master builders have been with us for an average of 21 years—they take pride in crafting our products to create the most amazing sound possible. Besides being my favorite bridge pickup, it seems to add body to bright sounding guitars, and takes up a lot of ‘sonic space’ in power trios or 1 guitar bands. Again, thanks much Dave, at least I have someplace to start with. It keeps the dynamics of a vintage-output pickup, while keeping the bass tight for heavier sounds. It's in 100% working condition. High Output Humbucker Bridge Pickup. Not exactly traditional, but that was the point when I put it together. Both guitars have similiar characteristics, woods and construction. The Custom 5 is a Custom but with an Alnico 5 magnet installed, hence it's … The result is a humbucker that sounds full and sweet, and has a warm lower midrange growl that really brings chords to life. It is versatile and dynamic enough to play convincing for classic rock, and tight enough for modern high gain without sounding too warm or mushy. The Custom Custom uses the same wind/wire as the Custom, with the exception of the magnet. SH-5 Duncan Custom , Humbucker guitar pickup from Seymour Duncan in the High Output Humbuckers series. When I remedy that, I’ll add them. Gold Cover. The mom and pop stores have very limited stock to experiment with and our first Guitar Center had just recently opened up. tones in the neck. Pickups can change the sound of a guitar wildly, but we have to know when to start.