This document is copyright ©1972 Paramount Pictures. Clarification of Dialogue Ambiguities. I stood in the courtroom like a fool. Hey, Michael, come're, let me look at you. Neri, dressed in uniform, dumps a bag containing badges and a gun. Sirens are heard as police cars screech to a halt in front of the, hospital. Absolutely nothing -- even Sollozzo's people don't know where the, They're gonna pick you up in front of Jack Dempsey's joint in an hour and a half. If Don Corleone had all the judges, and the politicians in, New York, then he must share them, or let us others use them. I don't know -- your wife and children -- are you happy with them? It will be me -- McCluskey -- and Sollozzo. -- What are you doing? Now -- Now uh Moe didn't mean nothin' by that. They shot Sonny on the Causeway. lawyer. Aw, you're telling me that the Tattaglia's guarantee our investment? McCLUSKEY (while watching Michael enter the bathroom), CUT TO: Inside the restroom, Mike's looking for the gun behind the tank: He can't find it, CUT TO: Table. I, want you to move to a villa near Siracusa, right now -- Subita, eh? many men he had killed with Carlo? Tom is carrying a sled and, some tied-up boxes. Anthony is still laughing and running around], (then, as he runs up to the Don with the spray can). Listen, you drive him and you pick him up after the job, okay? He has fields in Turkey where they grow the poppy. CUT TO: Bedroom, where Carlo is tying his tie in a mirror. You never know, you might have to cook for, twenty guys someday. Senator Cauly apologized for not coming personally -- he said you'd understand. -day. I'll handle it. Rocco drives up and goes to, Michael, whispering in his ear. If I had a wartime consiglieri -- a. Sicilian -- I wouldn't be in this shape! But I wept. Mr. Corleone is Johnny's godfather. Hey, Mickey, tomorrow -- get a couple of guys, you go over to Luca's apartment; hang, Uh maybe we shouldn't get Mike uh mixed up in this too directly. could stop you, and then you killed him. Get this guy. But just as extraordinary to me is how easy it is for us to understand this complex interaction in an alien subculture. Anyway, uh, if I had this part in. Some day, and that day may never come, I'll call upon you to do a service for me. FADE FROM BLACK: Int. I'm Moe Greene! But you can’t help feeling awed by the powerful character of Don Corleone. I understand. He been calling sick all winter. Carlo gets, CUT TO: Interior of car. [Sonny leaves the building, looking around the street], CUT TO: Connie and Carlo's apartment. (then, after slapping Johnny on the face), (then, after slapping Johnny on the face), What's the matter with you? He walks up to the Don. Amen. Fabrizio, Vitelli, and other, men emerge from the cafe. CONNIE (running into the dining room as Carlo follows). In the rest of this chapter I’ll explain how we came to adopt reciprocity as our social currency, and how you can spend it wisely. -day. It is more than the government. Read the papers -- read the papers! are reasons why you must have no part in what is going to happen. I need a man who has powerful friends. Twenty- Thirty-grand. have donated a copy of The Godfather Trilogy boxed set to the cause! I have a special practice; I handle one client -- Now you have my number; I'll wait for your. Get out here! Hey, Paulie, I thought I told you to stay put. Many thanks to Antonio VITO CORLEONE Prego. He didn't expect to be invited to the wedding, so he wanted to thank you. They watch as mourners place, single red roses on top. Don Vito Corleone: I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse. CUT TO: Hotel elevator revealing Strachi, a Don, and the elevator operator. In small bills, cash. The occupants look at Michael. Because -- I believe this drug business -- is gonna, destroy us in the years to come. -early evening, Nothing. In the first year, your end should be three- four-million dollars. corrections or contributions to this transcript, please email them to me at: disconnect those tubes so we can move the bed out? If you’re looking to learn italian by watching movies, these six beautiful films will provide you with an excellent starting point! Now who approached you? The Italian immigrant Bonasera, an undertaker, has come to ask for a favor: He wants to avenge an assault upon the honor and body of his own daughter, who was beaten by her boyfriend and another young man. Michael's waiting on the sidewalk, until Sollozzo's car pulls up and he gets in. Let me lay it on the line for you and, your boss, whoever he is. Michael goes and kisses her. Johnny Fontane is standing behind the table]. Clemenza walks past Michael, shakes, [Tessio walks past Don Vito as he exits. The Corleone Family would be outcasts! Rich Madigan for some corrections in the Latin. That's your husband! America, America, va! Hey, come on over here with me; I wanna show you something really beautiful. When we make our move there, you're gonna be my right-, Tom Hagen's no longer Consiglieri -- He's gonna be our lawyer in Vegas. Please? until that day -- accept this justice as a gift on my daughter's wedding day. They went free that very day! Clemenza, Tessio, Tom, Fredo and Sonny are standing around the bed. Now you, get the hell outta here! Kay follows], Michael! [Pause] How much shall I pay you? are resting under a tree. Tommasino is at the side of, (then, after Tommasino shakes his head not knowing where Fabrizio is), DISSOLVE TO: Bank building boardroom in New York City. The family is outside, congratulating Connie and, CONNIE (to the infant Michael Francis, holding the baby towards Michael), [Michael kisses the baby. And you stood Godfather to our baby -- you lousy cold-hearted bastard. Anthony is sitting on Michael's lap. The phone rings, and Kay picks up. The Corleone Family don't even, have that kind of muscle anymore. CUT TO: Courthouse. It -- makes -- it doesn't make any difference to me what a man does for a living, understand. Buttonman is putting luggage into the rear of the car. And that by chance if an honest man such as yourself should make enemies. Michael and Fabrizio are snacking, while Calo tans himself. There’s nothing fun or funny to be found here. now. Beautiful! have to have any part -- I take all responsibility. Tom goes upstairs, then knocks on the bedroom door], [Tom smiles, and walks away, as Sonny and Lucy continue], CUT TO: A woman singing Italian song, opera-like, on the stage -day, JOHNNY (as Tom quietly enters the Don's office). Nazorine, the baker, takes a proud bow. (then sings the first verse to "Luna Mezz'a Mare"), CUT TO: An old man continues "Luna Mezz'a Mare" while Nazorine dances and laughs on Clean it up! Transcribed by J Geoff Malta for CUT TO: Hotel. It's too late, they start shooting in a week. That's easy for you to say, Tom, he's not your father! CUT TO: City street. Even the police departments that've helped us in the past with, gambling and other things are gonna refuse to help us when in comes to narcotics. These men are private detectives hired to protect Vito, Corleone. your questions. Listen several times BEFORE looking at the transcript! more advice on how to patch things up. Ya'know, if we go to my father's house --. He's supposed to be. but small errors here and there are bound to have happened. Too grouchy -- can't stand the aggravation. -day, DISSOLVE TO: The Corleone mall. He grabs a bill from his pocket and hands it to the toll-collector. Huh? A Hollywood, VITO CORLEONE (to Johnny, after glancing to see Sonny enter). And I raised my daughter in the, American fashion. But if Clemenza can figure a way -- to have a weapon planted there for me -- then I'll kill, [Clemenza, Tessio and Sonny laugh. Mike: you go to the restaurant, you eat, you talk for a while, you relax. Yeah, I left it noisy -- that way it scares any pain-in-the-ass innocent bystanders away. I'll do anything for my Godfather -- you know that. Okay, Pop -- I'll have to get it myself, Pop; Paulie called in sick this morning. Clark Gable! Look -- I'm trying to tell you you're wrong! She touches the necklace, CUT TO: Hilltop in the village. Consiglieri of mine, I think you. We see Tessio walking from Barzini, towards, (then, after Michael and Tessio move away from the others). The grandfather of all cool actors becomes the Godfather. Although this is not a direct copy, I'd like to acknowledge the book Best American Screenplays You waited until Papa died so nobody. Even the old man's political protection would run. ‘The Godfather’ and the Decline of Marlon Brando – Review by Stanley Kauffmann, THE GODFATHER: BRANDO PLAYS A MAFIA CHIEFTAIN – Interview by Shana Alexander, THE GODFATHER: THE RESURRECTION OF DON BRANDO – Review by Richard Schickel, THE GODFATHER: HOW BRANDO BROUGHT DON CORLEONE TO LIFE – BY JOSEPH GELMIS. Pete: they got an old-fashion' toilet -- you know, the box, and - and -. You must understand why I, [Sounds like, in Italian: "I understand those things..."], SOLLOZZO (after the waiter brings McCluskey's veal, then exits), [Sounds like, in Italian: "Now let's work through where we go from here... (more)"], [Something in Italian]...come si diche...? In that little silk purse. The other New York Families will go. Eh, I've been trying all night. If you interfere, you'll have to appear before a. Alright... let'im go. The Don goes out to meet and hug, Johnny, and they, and other guests, toast. ...on the wedding day of your daughter... His name is Luca Brasi -- an' he helps my father out sometimes. Gimme three. Mr. Woltz, I'm a lawyer, I have not threatened you. CONNIE (yelling, while getting out of the car), [Connie and Kay run out. I'm, (then, to Tom, as he reaches out his hand), (then, after Tom hands Michael a plane ticket, which he hands to Carlo), (then, quietly, after Carlo nods and hmmms), Only don't tell me you're innocent. You know any gooda spots on, Well think about it while you're drivin', will ya? Apollonia, laughing, is trying to drive the, car almost hitting the short walls. The Godfather is based on a novel of the same name (written by Italian-American author Mario Puzo [1920-1999]. Writer credits: - - In the final instalment of the Godfather Trilogy, an aging Don Michael Corleone seeks to legitimize his crime family's interests and remove himself from the violent underworld but is kept back by the ambitions of the young. Scene includes the Don, Sollozzo, Tom, Sonny, Fredo, Clemenza, and Tessio sitting in Room #2 -day, Bene. MARIO PUZO'S and - ah the chain-thing. locks it, then shoots four times through the glass. ], [In Italian: Michele, wait there! (then) Some day, and that day may never come, I'll call upon you to do a service for me. You. I know them. THE GODFATHER McCluskey glances toward the restroom; Sollozzo smokes, CUT TO: Restroom, when Michael finally finds the gun. After, the car pulls away, we hear the Title Theme music as they walk through the mall. Will also fit 720p/1080p Blu-ray 'Professional' Release Group Rips. Hey hey hey hey hey, wait! You see, you start out with a little bit of oil. -day. Well -- you gave your word that you wouldn't break the peace, I didn't give mine. Well it was -- hey, girls here... Hah -- I'll be right back... Fredo, I'm here on business -- I leave tomorrow, now get rid of them. It's weak. Don't be afraid, Carlo -- Come on, you think I'd make my sister a widow? CUT TO: Hotel. The music, playing is "Bells of St. Mary's" -evening. ["How do you say...? Come on --, DISSOLVE TO: The Don's garden. It's true, I have a lot of friends, in politics, but they wouldn't be friendly very long if they knew my business was drugs. ], MICHAEL (putting his hand on Tommasino's chest), [In Italian: Bad news -- from America. CLEMENZA (after being pushed up against the wall), Jesus Christ; take it easy -- take it easy. -day, I'm a little worried about this Sollozzo fella. Tom, Clemenza and Michael get out of the. CUT TO: Revolving door. ***Extra footage from The TRILOGY & SAGA***. Michael: I understand those things. No -- better still -- you ask for, permission to go. Hello, this is long distance calling -- I have a collect call from Mr. Michael Corleone -- um, [Kay hands Michael the receiver. Tattaglia does the same. Barber is patting lather on a Willie Cicci's face for a shave. Vito Corleone is being visited by family members. -evening, I'm glad you came, Mike. Calo sits at the table, eating, as Michael enters -day, [In Italian: She's going to surprise you -- she wants to drive. Rocco kicks open the door and he and another gunman fire. Sure I do. -- But you don't ask. Michael: Leave it alone. Sure. Frederico "Fredo" Corleone is a fictional character in Mario Puzo's 1969 novel The Godfather and its 1972 film adaptation, as well as its 1974 sequel. We'll put it right, there. The Don screams Uh!, falls over, the assassins run, and the Don falls to the curb], FREDO (gets out of the car, fumbling with the gun, then sits on the curb crying), CUT TO: Michael and Kay walking outside of Radio City Music Hall, which is showing, Leo McCarey's "The Bells of St. Mary's" which Michael and Kay just saw. He was eased in, despite stiff opposition from the studio brass, because of the advocacy of a thirtyish fan, Francis Ford Coppola, an Italian-American who happened to be the director of The Godfather. Eh! with the heads of the Five Families. I hope we can straighten everything out. Mike! Friendship is more than talent. You can act like a man! How did things ever get so far? Sollozzo might not even be in the car, Sonny! [In Italian: "Sing a song"], [the crowd encourages Johnny, and he gives in]. whereabouts. They're arranging a meeting in Brooklyn. We lost enough money last week on the game... [Sonny's car appears, screeches to a halt. your top stars has just moved from ah marijuana to heroin... Now listen to me, you smooth-talking son-of-a-bitch! Sollozzo's the key. No -- I buy you out, you don't buy me out --. He had all the judges and politicians in his pocket. Michael shoos Enzo away as he is grabbed by an officer]. Also, one of. Also, some of the judges. He enters the quiet hospital to, find no one at the nurse's station. He has no doubt that you will repay it. And within an hour, he signed a release, for a certified check for $1,000. And I hope that their first child be a masculine child. Tattaglia's dead body on the bed. you're having a bad time, and then you try to push me out! Sonny jumps back as though goosed. I am Enzo, the baker -- Do you remember me? CUT TO: Building lobby. Ma made a little dinner -- it's Sunday... CUT TO: Dining room, the family is eating at the table -evening, You know niggers are havin' a good time with uh -- our policy banks up there in Harlem --. Hi, may I please have uh, Orchard-9-9539 please... What are you doing? Hey! Singing lessons; acting lessons, dancing lessons. I always liked him. I hear cars coming to the house. Oh, Michael, wait a minute; he's coming over here... My brother, Tom Hagen -- this is Kay Adams. The Tattaglia family is behind him here in New York. Johnny, Johnny! CUT TO: Sonny's house just after talking to Michael on the phone. You know, Kay, there's gonna be detectives there -- people from the Press... Go back to New Hampshire, and I'll call you at your parents' house. A car drops him off at the gate, and he, goes inside, seeing family and friends. Carlo, come'ere! I'll be having a couple people come over to the house. eh? NOT TO BE POSTED ON ANY OTHER WEB SITE, DISSOLVE TO: The Corleone mall. We see Johnny, Clemenza, and his wife toss roses. Mike, would you like me better if I were a nun? Nobody... no no no Tessio's men, no detectives, nobody. Now with the money they earn, they can buy more police and political power; then they come after us. 1. (then, after she picks up and slams down a newspaper). A candle is held before Michael. Corleone asks what exactly he wants. Michael sighs, then lights a cigarette], MICHAEL (as he slams his hand on the desk), Alright. The Don is feeding the fish in his aquarium. And you didn't need a friend of me. I want you to rest a while. Now, if there's nothing else, I'd like to go to my daughter's wedding. They told me they exterminate them, Exterminate? CUT TO: An abandoned diner / Sollozzo with kidnapped Tom Hagen -night, Your boss is dead. Yeah. And then they would fear you. I made my bones when you were, Wait a minute, Moe -- Moe, I got an idea --. They shot my father -- that's business? Everybody's going to leave without us. CUT TO: Connie and the Don dance to "The Godfather Waltz (Come Live Your Life With Me)", CUT TO: Tom arrives in Hollywood by plane, takes a cab, then walks by foot through Woltz, International Pictures. They've all sent gifts. Let's face it, Tom, and all due respect. (then, to the bellboys carrying the luggage). ], [Vitelli turns and enters the cafe, yelling], Fabrizio (returns, after Calo shrugs, to collect his things), [In Italian: Let's go -- it's his daughter], [Something like, in Italian: You don't understand -- it's his daughter! He's smarter than I am. [where are you going? I'll drive to you...], MICHAEL (after seeing Fabrizio hurry through the gate), [The car that Apollonia is in blows up and Michael is thrown into the bushes], ***EXTRA SCENE FROM THE EPIC, TRILOGY & SAGA: Michael, in shock, is lying in, bed as Apollonia's mother wipes his forehead with a washcloth. The door opens. Stand him up. That's no. respects. The Don is looking out the window, He came all the way from California to come to the wedding; I told you he was going to. But do what I beg you to do. --, [Playing kids run into the room and then are escorted out by Tom], (then, as Luca hands Don Corleone a cash-filled envelope). Now. Well now that the war is over, this boy, Enzo -- they want to repatriate him back to Italy. Give Johnny the part in that new war film you're starting next week. two-bit hustler Johnny was running in trying to bluff me. Mention it -- don't insist. "Manhattan Serenade" plays. We will have, peace, but your family should interfere no longer...." (rough translation by Jim Coyle)]. You, [A little while later, as the car begins to cross the Triborough bridge. Listen -- we're up in New Hampshire still -- we're gonna drive down tomorrow morning... [The beds on which Michael and Kay are laying, pushed together, begin to, No, ah -- we're fine. He's dead. BONASERA (as he leaves the room) Grazie, Godfather. JOHNNY (OS, singing "I Have But One Heart"), CUT TO: Johnny singing to Connie, who's seated. Sure, Mike. Then PAN the crowd cheering and, "...this heart I bring you / I have but one heart / To share with you / I have but one dream /, That I can cling to / You are the one dream/I pray comes true...". I want reliable people; people that aren't gonna be carried. Don't worry about it. We're quits. They descend steps. You're not supposed to be here now! Apollonia stands, in her wedding slip, seemingly a little nervous. So they can't resist. I'll take care of the Tattaglia's, outta my share. Hey, they're gonna be scared stiff of you, believe me, so don't worry, about nothin'. I heard you are not happy -- with the Corleone, [Luca doesn't shake. Michael's limo drives through the gate with him, Kay, and, Anthony. And I'm gonna run him out of the business, and let me tell you why. -- we lose our political contacts and half our strength. The Love Theme plays. and stumbles and falls. Blanche -- Okay, all right... (then, when Kay notices Michael standing beside his Cadillac). He might be shacked up. Rocco pats him then exits]. CUT TO: Courthouse. You get rid of him, every falls into line. The priest blesses Michael and Apollonia as they kneel at the church's entrance. The opening scene of the movie The Godfather is an exquisite portrayal of reciprocity in action. VITO CORLEONE (gets up to pour Sollozzo another drink), I said that I would see you because, I heard that you're a serious man, to be treated with, But uh, I must say "no" to you -- and I'll give you my reasons. She unwraps a boxed necklace], DISSOLVE TO: Vitelli's Cafe. And my father went to see this band leader, and he, offered him $10,000 to let Johnny go. Tom shrugs], Hey, whataya gonna do, nice college boy, eh? Then they can suffer then, as she suffers. -- et Spiritus Sancti [--and the Holy Spirit], CUT TO: Courthouse. It's perfect for us. Draw chips for everybody in the room so they can play on the house. Family business, so don't tell me you're innocent, Carlo. So why don't he just blast whoever's in the goddamn car? If you have any It's not like the Old Days -- when we can do anything we want. The last thing one would have … Good to see you, Mike... All right -- you got everything you want? The scene is extraordinary, a kind of overture that introduces the themes of violence, kinship, and morality that drive the rest of the movie. But the band leader said no. Cicci ascending steps. This is almost 1946 --. -day, CUT TO: Interior of car. of Don Corleone's home office -day, BONASERA (seated in front of the Don's desk, facing the camera), I believe in America. And in a month from now. -- and cannot allow another, man to hold me back. Exactly an. I want you to use all your powers -- and all your skills. Clean that up you sonofabitch! Paulie's a good kid, I don't mind getting the car. Why? Vito is in bed, holding cards and presents given to him. Sixty free Italian dialogues (with transcripts), which start easy and gradually get harder. He walks down the hall to check an office, and only sees a, half-finished sandwich on a desk. I don't like to use his name unless it's really necessary. This fat slob's still bettin' the Yankees pretty heavy? Well he knows how grateful you are. Sonny runs out to his car. Now your new son-in-law; give him something important? And he, had no home -- and so my father took him in -- and he's been with us ever since. Carlo, screams when Sonny bites his knuckles which are clenched to a metal fence. Hey, it's my sister's wedding, (then, he spits after being shown a badge. Puzo also wrote the screenplay for the movie. They're animals anyway, so let, I hoped that we would come here and reason together. frank, just to show you that I'm not a hard-hearted man, and it's not all dollars and cents. Get out here! (then, once Connie picks up a butcher knife), Yeah yeah -- come on now, kill me. Had, you come to me in friendship, then this scum that ruined your daughter would be suffering. And then Johnny Fontane comes along with his olive-, oil voice, and guinea charm. Tattaglia -- all of the heads of the Five Families... CUT TO: Full shot of the interior of the church. very good with a knife, but only in matters of business or some sort of reasonable complaint. DISSOLVE TO: Corleone mall, during the day. I found out about this Captain McCluskey who broke Mike's jaw... Now he's definitely on Sollozzo's payroll, and for big money. I've tried to make this the most accurate transcript of The Godfather available, All right, you shot'em both -- now what do you do? He sounds American...]. Hey, Paulie! Eh, come here; come here; come here; come here, come here; come here; come here... (then smashes camera, which Paulie kicks, and flips cash to him) [music ends], He was captured by the American army. The Don gestures to Sonny to give Bonasera a drink], [Bonasera, taking the drink, sips from the shot glass], I -- I went to the police, like a good American.