Listeners can easily extend or retract the headphones to fit appropriately. The reproduction of 3-D space is difficult to master, but the Focal Listen Wireless do a fine job when it comes to imaging. 15m Bluetooth range. The Focal Listen Wireless are full-size Bluetooth headphones from one of the most respected names in ultra-high-end speakers. Now, titanium is something that we’re more acquainted with. Lovers of colour will choose Purple. Pro audio. Fashioned with plastic hinges, the ear cups fold up for transport. Let’s break it down by component: Mylar is derived from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) and is a thin, heat-resistant polyester film or plastic sheet. They’re not, overall, an especially bad pair of cans – but at their price, the lack of transparency, dynamism, and questionable perceived build quality mean it’s entirely justifiable to want more. Find a dealer. This may seem obvious, but I want to make sure there is no confusion.) The material choice is confidence inspiring, but the paint job isn’t. The apt-X codec … If you’re wary about the notion of “high end” Bluetooth; our very own Chris Thomas probably is, too. Though there are a range of reasons that you’d be interested in these, they should appeal to you if you need top-end passive noise isolation. If you’re OK with an estimated battery level readout, this is communicated via an icon in the notification bar of your smartphone. For one, “mylar titanium” just sounds cool and like something that Captain America’s shield would be made of. The Focal Listen (Just a quick note, when talking about the Listen Wireless, I will always write out “Listen Wireless”. ... Best headphone deals: in-ear, over-ear, wireless and more. The Listen debuted for the … Ultra-flexible headband with soft-touch material for even more comfort and improved weight distribution Find focal products in store. However, there was never a complete drop in connection. The beautiful resonance of the bass drum is emphasized just enough to stand out from the background instrumentals without masking Adam Levine’s tenor or the steady beat of snaps throughout the song. If not, you may still experience lag as the headphones will fall back to the elementary SBC codec. Exclusive deals for In ear, On ear, Over ear headsets, DJ Headphones, with FREE shipping + COD. The brushed chrome ear cups feel strong and sturdy, holding in place the memory foam ear-pieces which, in turn, sit over the 40mm titanium drivers. It was salient enough that most people who I tested the mic with asked about the static. The Focal website uses cookies to improve your navigation on the site, for statistical, audience measurement, advertising and personalisation purposes. Focal is an audio company that specializes in high end audio products. It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any element. That’s right, just like Pandora’s box—well, before it was opened—nothing comes in or out. ... Focal and Naim Audio are delighted to announce some special offers … Car Speakers. What's in the Box: Listen Wireless Headphones, carrying case, detachable cable with mini jack input, USB cable With the Focal Listen Wireless, however, the company brings hi-fi audio to consumer shelves. The first thing you’ll notice about the Focal Listen Wireless headphones is their design, and they look very nice. Let’s just say that instead of buying their Grand Utopia EM speakers, you can buy a house. Every 10 seconds or so, static feedback is relayed through the microphone. Bluetooth4.1 for moving around freely up to 50 feet (15 meters)Up to 20 hours of autonomy listening to music Not only that, but they efficiently reproduce sound with minimal distortion due to the lightweight nature of the combination. These wireless headphones offer hours of intense listening, with their very comfortable and ergonomic ear-cups. The controls of the Focal Listen Wireless are nice and large, but the placement of the playback controls on the upper half of the front-side of the ear cup paired with the volume and pairing buttons on the lower half of the back-side of the ear cups makes it difficult to press one control without accidentally pressing the opposing control. Also von mir gibt's eine klare Kaufempfehlung für die Focal Listen Wireless, da sie für mich einfach genau die Kopfhörer sind, die ich mir erwartet habe und auch schon lange gesucht habe. Its 'Made in France' know-how has been recognised for more than 40 years. Listen Wireless integrate a double microphone system: ‘Clear Voice Capture’, which offer superior voice rendering during phone calls. The reproduction of 3-D space is difficult to master, but the Focal Listen Wireless do a fine job when it comes to imaging. Additionally, the D7/F# and Dm7/G guitar chords in the outro are easier to hear as a positive consequence of the treble emphasis. If you like your music loud, the Listen’s sensitivity means that you won’t need to turn the volume up to produce a big sound. 5.0 out of 5 stars High Value for money factor. The company's first pair of headphones, the Focal Spirit One, were lauded for their balanced sound and great build quality. Great isolation Rotating the rotund ear cups allows for anyone to achieve a proper seal, resulting in a grade-A job at filtering out environmental noise. Listen Wireless Chic edition brings colours, you can now choose amongst four trendy finishes. As such, we have high hopes for the Focal Listen headphones, and they perform well. The Focal Listen Wireless headphone also features Bluetooth 4.1 as well as the aptX codec for premium sound quality via dedicated digital audio player or smartphone. ... & Wireless. “Listen beyond” is embossed in all-caps font onto the headband exterior and is given a glossy finish to complement the surrounding matte plastic. Car Speakers. Car audio. On the interior of the headband is a silicone, air-filled cushion that evenly distributes the 300g weight of the Focal Listen Wireless headphones. Sounds excellent for being a Bluetooth headphone. 122dB/mW. Ergonomic controls and excellent isolation to preserve headphones' acoustic qualities in noisy environments. Focal branded system. Others may prefer Blue and Olive, loved by men and women alike, no matter their style. Custom integration. Focal is a brand that many of us audiophiles and enthusiasts have grown to love and trust with good reason. The Listen Wireless also has all the controls you need from volume to track advance and has an on board microphone for phone calls. Focal Listen This type of device allows you to listen at lower volume levels, causing less ear fatigue as you don't have to crank up the volume to overcome background noise. Exclusive cone technology offering outstanding sound quality Buy Focal Headphones & Earphones online at best price in India. The company knows how to produce high quality products, albeit at a very high price point. Focal - … The super-soft microfibre ear cushions feel great against the ears, while the overall weight is also impressively light. aptX-compatible It can’t. Specifications: Bluetooth wireless technology: 4.1Range: > 15m; Battery: Up to 20hr; Impedance: 32Ω sensitivity (passive mode): 122dB SPL @ 1kHz - /1VrmsTHD @ 1kHz/100dB SPL: <0.4%Frequency response: 15Hz - 22kHzDriver: Electrodynamic Mylar Titanium; Microphones: 2 omnidirectional (Clear Voice Capture); Net weight: 0.66 lbs. The trumpets in Feel It Still by frustratingly-punctuated band Portugal. Solution dedicated to your vehicle. Warning: Prolonged exposure to this could undoubtedly damage your hearing, so we advise against maxing it out. Mobile premium wireless circum-aural closed-back headphones compatible with all smartphones. From the moment you take them out of the box, the resilience of Focal’s headphones is obvious – you can twist and turn the headband any way you like (within reason) without fear of breaking them. Though the emphasized treble can be grating, it works to the benefit of Conscious Club by Vulfpeck. Clear Voice Capture Plus, the headband architecture is designed to evenly distribute weight, reducing fatigue. The Focal Listen Wireless are a great headset for commutes since they are able to effectively attenuate ambient noise due to the 22mm ear cushions. Whether you’re on your commute to work, your bi-weekly run or fancy kicking back and drowning out your annoying neighbours, these beautiful headphones will have you covered. With 20 hours of battery life and just 3 hours of charge, Listen Wireless really takes your music everywhere, in total freedom. The Focal Listen Professional is great to hold. This also means that battery life will last … "A really high quality proposition for the serious headphones listener. Pro audio. From the ear cups, to the ear pads, and even the headband, everything about the Focal Listen Wireless is chunky. Heat-sensitivity memory foam ear cushions 22mm thick The Focal Listen Wireless are an excellent sounding pair of wireless headphones but its lack of features and high price point make it difficult to recommend. When I think of Focal, I think of financially unattainable audio products that I would love to have on my ears. This cable also includes an Omni Directional Microphone and Universal Remote Control, which makes it useful for hands-free telephony. The Man are easy to separate from the guitar solo that travels up from the 12th fret of the high-E string to the 11th fret of the D string. Unfortunately, there’s one quirk. They offer excellent, CD-like sound quality. Whether it’s for convenience or because your phone manufacturer thought it en Vogue to remove the headphone jack, the Focal Listen Wireless are a phenomenal set of Bluetooth cans that can get painfully loud. Excellent for the price. These cans are insightful, rich, sensitive and spacious, but are a tad too reserved to get full marks. Though not ideal for optimal sound quality, the Focal Listen Wireless are supremely comfortable with or without glasses. Listen Wireless and its Chic edition guarantee superior sound performance, close to CD quality. DESIGNED & ENGINEERED IN FRANCE Sure, treble emphasis can be jarring at times, but it’s a small price to pay for such impeccable isolation. Not a single aspect of the sound signature is exaggerated to the point of grotesque reproduction, but the low-end receives a slight bump and, on occasion, you’ll hear unpleasant treble spikes. Son savoir-faire « made in France » est reconnu depuis plus de … If you want to keep these looking fresh, you’re best bet is to use the case—even if it means an extra step when packing or unpacking the headphones. Focal collections. If you’re wondering, yes, this extends beyond that of the human ear, and they get awfully loud with a maximum output of 122dB SPL. On the other hand, the omni-directional dual-mic system is fantastic. Listen Wireless are Focal’s closed-back wireless headphones, featuring aptX compatible Bluetooth® 4.1 technology. Don’t think for a moment that the wireless connection can come close to the headphone’s wired refinement. Listen Wireless also has excellent dynamics tight bass and remarkable tonal balance. Where the connectivity struggles—as many Bluetooth headphones do—is outdoors. Listen Wireless are premium headphones which are free from the constraints of traditional headphones for even more freedom listening to high-definition sound. During testing with volume set to 50 percent, the battery provided just under 21 hours of playback. Focal uses a Bluetooth 4.1 codec with aptX technology, so you can wirelessly stream music at ‘CD-like’ 16-bit/44.1kHz resolution, and there's NFC connectivity to fast-pair with Android devices. If you have the budget and demand at least CD-quality audio reproduction, yes. Why is Focal Listen Wireless better than Bowers & Wilkins PX? Join our community. PLAY SOUND. Translate review to English. Read more. Let’s find out. When shifting to a wireless connection with aptX, the bass became sloppier with less control, the midrange muddied, and the top end lost its shimmer. The heat-sensitive memory foam ear cushions offer optimum comfort. Poorly placed playback controls, great dual-mic system, The playback controls are a bit of a mystery. Report abuse. How well do these phones fair? The trumpets in Feel It Still by frustratingly-punctuated band Portugal. Focal Listen Wireless Comfortable full-size form with earcups that fully enclose your ears. Flip the headphones over and you’ll find an air-filled silicone rail stretching across the headband interior. Discontinued products. More freedom for your mobile devices without impairing audio reproduction quality. Focal's spirit Listen Beyond. High-end Focal sound, in total freedom. Equipped with Bluetooth 4.1, aptX compatibility, and an extended Bluetooth range of 15m (60ft) these headphones stand out from the competition. At $299, the Focal Listen Wireless headphones deliver a solid audio experience in line with their lofty price tag. Your environment fades into the background, meaning that you get to enjoy your music unimpeded. 14 people found this helpful. Listen Wireless are Focal’s closed-back wireless headphones, equipped with Bluetooth® 4.1 wireless technology aptX compatible. COPYRIGHT © 2020 SoundGuys, All Rights Reserved. 2000Hz higher high-frequency? In these instances, connectivity is interrupted about every five minutes. It was used in NASA’s Project Echo back in 1960, and is still used for space blankets. The low-end is clearly reproduced and articulated; this is easy to hear in the intro of Denim Jacket by Maroon 5. The Focal Listen comes with a detachable, 1.4m long OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) cable for the best audio quality. The Focal Listen Wireless are a great headset for commutes since they are able to effectively attenuate ambient noise due to the 22mm ear cushions. The closed back design and large chrome plated ear cups provide excellent isolation from outside noise while offering high-quality acoustic performance, even on a busy city street or in a subway car. To break the specifications down, the 40mm electrodynamic mylar titanium drivers reproduce a frequency range of 15Hz – 22kHz. Controls for calls and music - volume Focal branded system. Listen Wireless Chic edition brings colours, you can now choose amongst four trendy finishes. That said, your source device also needs to be aptX-compatible. The cable is provided with headphones for passive listening and works great with the calls too. In fact, it weighs in at a mere 284 grams without a cable. They offer excellent, CD-like sound quality. 01:08. "07/07/2017, precise sound while allowing even more freedom of movement, Please choose a country in the list above. Battery life: up to 20 hours of listening. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on May … Collection. Its burgundy and black colour scheme definitely evokes its bigger brother, the Focal Clear Professional. After just a few days, the paint began to chip from around the micro-USB input. Focal Listen Wireless. The heat-sensitive very high-density memory foam offers impressive comfort for the listener. While these don’t feature any quick-charge capabilities, they do provide 240 hours—or 10 days—of standby. If you live in a place like Florida or Louisiana, your ears will still be sweating. Focal Listen Wireless Comfortable full-size form with earcups that fully enclose your ears. Focal - Elegia. The headphones are built largely out of plastic, but in this case that doesn’t seem to be such a bad thing. Focal engineers have been very careful to keep our DNA in these headphones. ... Focal - Spark Wireless. Solution dedicated to your vehicle. 4. sound pressure level Focal went with new packaging for the Listen Wireless with a box that lifts up from the top, but beyond that, little was changed inside. Now, Focal has added the Listen wireless to their arsenal as well. Things like low humming air conditioners and fans are easy to passively drown out, but higher frequencies—like the female voice, which typically ranges from 1.6kHz – 2.5kHz—are harder to mitigate. Spiros Karasoutas. Thick plastic constitutes the bulk of the Focal Listen Wireless headphones, which can be folded up for transport. The wireless range of the Listen Wireless was about average for most new Bluetooth … There’s also a flat, round button approxi… Excellent noise isolation is guaranteed thanks to the closed-back design and to the large ear cushions which preserve the headphones' acoustic qualities even in noisy environments. The Focal Listen Wireless retail for $299 and are available in three colorways: black, olive, blue, and purple.