As a result the people of these areas have to struggle always against the natural disaster. Manikganj was formerly a subdivision of Dhaka District. They can play a vital role in the society if they guider properly. This action proposes to build on the current PRSP framework and support existing capacities and institutions, specifically Disaster Management Committees and local partner NGOs to promote the translation of good policy into good practice for the benefit of highly vulnerable communities. Most of these basic needs they cannot fulfill. How to use fieldwork in a sentence. Bangladesh Social Work Teachers Society. Although he was a farmer, now he is disable to work in the field. 14% of total population is adolescent. Actually they are experienced; can easily share experience with other and can be involved and contribute social development initiatives too. Now he is running his business smoothly without any problem. College of Social Welfare and Research was established in 1958 and being included under Dhaka University. He thinks that foods, cloth, shelter, well treatment are very much important matter for living. Most of them are dependent on their sons. Various national and international days are observed and prepared wall magazine by the adolescents under the consultancy of Field officers. He never forgets STEP’s support. People are culturally developed and cultural heritage is well endorsed and bonded with social norms, customs and tradition irrespective of religious identity and built with the respect of each other religious over year. After death of her husband he is living in a single room. Rate of Birth                           : 8 (In thousands), Rate of Death                          : 5 (In thousands), Total Birth Registration                    :  20,100, High school                             : 1, College                                    : 1(Tarosree Degree College), Tube well                                 : 470, Deep tube well                         : 11, Shallow Machine                     : 470, Mosque                                   : 19, Madrasha                                : 4, Temple                                    : 9, Road (Pitched)                         : 5, Bridge                                      : 9, Culvert                                    : 11, River                                                 : 1, Playground                                       : 1, Graveyard                               : 28, Cemetery                                 : 3, Pond (personal)                       : 21, Number of dam                       : 3(Bailjori Pond,Chorbailjori Damp, Niloar Damp), Health Centre                          : 1, Post Office                               : 2(Non-govt), Hut                                          : 3, Bazar                                       : 4, (Source: Statistical Yearbook of Bangladesh, 2001, Statistical Pocketbook, 2002, and Bangladesh Population Census, 1991). However, unfortunately, there are quite a many people in Bangladesh who do not have sufficient capacity and power to become self-reliant. At first he took out a loan for 50.000 Taka. They are unable to buy their dresses. It tells upon their health. He is hardly involved with many organizations. He has completed his BA Honours in Political Science from National University. In the same way social workers have to practice social work on the basis of social work educational activities. It is considered an integral part of social work education. By: Edith Abbott, Associate Director, Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy. Whish worth, P.I. So, Field practicum is an integral component of Social Work Education. In the field of social work, field work is such a way through which the apprentice social workers get the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge acquired in the class. I am especially glad to interact with older and adolescent girls and participate with their programs. It has an area to about 1379 sqkm , and is bounded by Tangail Distict  on the North, Dhaka District on the East, and mighty Padma and Jamuna are flowing on south and west side . They don’t torture on him. Md Liakyt Ali Hawlader is a well-educated person. Twelve fixed selected issues are discussed in 12 months. Mostly single crop is grown annually but growing of other crops is subject to annual flooding. Step towards Empowerment of the Poor (STEP) is a non-government service provider as voluntarism status organization, is working to create a poverty free community through improvement of livelihood status by undertaking various programs and projects. appropriate agricultural practices, introduction of short maturation rice varieties, tree planting for flood protection and secondary uses. The medical camp for the old isn’t enough. Mission: Enhance right and build capacity of the underprivileged by utilizing and mobilizing local resources, creating scope of employment, providing advanced education & technology ensuring participation of all stakeholders. A total of 17 goats were providing among 17 families. There will be a viva-voce examination for this course at the end of the session. Basic method is divided into 3 parts such as, (b) Auxiliary method is divided into 3 parts, such as-. By this field work a social worker can make him skilled & expert through interviewing, using theories, methods, techniques in practical arena assuring recoding, responding reporting etc. contingency planning, early warning, early warning systems, capacity building of local level Disaster Management Committees and local NGOs) Advocacy e.g. Practical Social work in institutional education is known as field work. 1990. Consequently, it recommends revising the social work knowledge base relat-ed to social justice and Rawls so that his ideas are more authentically represented in future social work scholarship and education. From this tea stall he can earn only 200 taka to 400 taka per day. They have usually 2-3 dresses. Every theory gets fulfillments by its successful application .Institute of social work & Research sends novice social worker to field to apply theoretical knowledge of social work in real field.